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MacOS WeaveIt Pro
is a full-featured weaving application for Mac operating system that designed for the weaver who wants to design drafts creatively. It requires MacOS 10.11 or greater (Mac OSX is now called MacOS).

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General Features
Mac Editing Tools
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Extensive on-line help and glossary of weaving terms.
  • Allows up to: 64 harnesses, unlimited treadles
  • No limit on number of warp and weft threads
  • Balanced, Warp faced, Weft faced, and Warp-rep Weave, Double Weave
  • View multiple patterns open at same time
  • Edit in one window, while display warp-faced, weft-faced, variable-width or double-weave in fabric window. Changes are immediately displayed in both windows.
  • Cut and paste threading or treadling between patterns.
  • Display threading at bottom of screen with treadling going up.
  • WIF weaving independent file format allows you to exchange weaving drafts with other weaving programs.
  • Edit and display draft as lift plan.
  • Allows Multiple Treadles.
  • Easy to create and edit threading and treadling and tie-up drafts.
  • Edit actions include:
    • Mark single cells, draw lines, draw curves
    • Undo
    • Cut, copy, paste
    • Flip in both directions
    • Wrap
    • Repeat selection of threading or treadling
    • Create advancing threading
    • Create network draft
    • Invert selection of tie-up
    • Clear selection of the tie-up
    • Create twill tie-up quickly by entering in first column.
  • Re-arrange shafts or treadles for more convenient weaving.
Color Management
  • Create custom color palettes with unlimited number of colors.
  • Select and quickly change color when editing draft.
  • Colors are linked to yarns so color can be changed for every occurrence of that color
  • Variable width for a yarn color can be set to appear everywhere its used.
  • Yarn colors can have names and types.
  • Project Calculations Screen
  • Color n' weave effects can be created.
Project Management
  • Metric units available
  • Computes number of warp ends.
  • Computes yardage requirements for warp and weft, and for each yarn.
  • Handles variable-width yarns.
  • Given fabric loom dimensions will compute finished fabric dimensions.
  • Calculates warps based on exact pattern.
  • Computes number of heddles required for each shaft
  • Computes and displays the color order.
  • Computes and displays sectional warping.
  • Calculate sett.
  • Treadle as drawn-in
  • Color n' Weave
  • Turn the draft
  • Interleave drafts with custom ratios.
  • Parallel threading for up to 4 lines.
  • Find floats and edit as they are listed.
  • Network drafting.
  • Block Substitution
Manual Tracking for non-computerized looms
  • Keeps track of threading using custom sized groups.
  • Keep track of treadling either as treadles or lift plan.
  • Both thread tracking and treadle tracking show yarn colors.
  • Both tracking types provides options for customizing how you track.

See detailed screen shots.

See video demos

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