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Meet Sally

MacOS WeaveIt Pro Videos

image of weaveit Getting Started: Creating your first Draft in Mac WeaveaIt Pro
  • Meet Sally
  • Creating a Draft
  • Creating and Viewing Project Calculations
image of weaveit How to pick colors in Mac WeaveIt Pro
  • Demonstrates the various ways of selecting color.
image of weaveit pro Getting Started: Basic Editing in Mac WeaveIt Pro
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo
  • Flip, Wrap, Insert
  • Editing with Tie-up
  • Repeats
image of weaveit pro Using Color in Mac WeaveIt Pro
  • Changing color in the draft
  • Change color with project yarns
  • Use Color and Weave to create sequence
  • Create custom color palette
image of weaveit pro Advance Editing in Mac WeaveIt Pro
  • Finding Floats
  • Network Drafting
  • Advancing Twill
  • Echo Weave
image of weaveit pro Parallel Threading Techniques in Mac WeaveIt Pro
  • Warp Rep
  • Re-arranging Shafts
  • Echo Weave
  • Four-color Double Weave

The following link is a playlist for all of these videos on YouTube.

YouTube Playlist of iWeaveit videos

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