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Mac WeaveIt Pro
View variable-width yarns while editing
  • View the edit window simultaneouly with the fabric window.

  • Edit window uses fixed size warps and weft for easy editing.

  • Changes made in edit window are immediately viewable in the fabric window

Many editing tools

Many tools are available for editing.

Drawing tools:

  • Mark individual cells in threading, threadling, tie-up and drawdown. Mark individual color to change it.
  • Draw straight lines.
  • Draw curved lines.
  • Draw curved lines on a network.
  • Re-arrange shafts or treadles to a more convenient position for threading or weaving.

Make a selection and choose an editing operation.

  • Unlimited undo available for all actions
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste selections between threading & treadling and between drafts.
  • Insert warps or wefts.
  • Wrap, flip vertically or horizontally.
  • Repeat a selection and have it remain a group so that changes will affect all occurrences of that repeat.
  • Advance selection either once or for entire sequence.
  • twill a tie-up, clear or invert a selected area of the tieu-up.
Many weave types are available
  • Traditional balance weave with or without variable-width threads.

  • Two layer double-weave can be viewed both as balanced weave with interlacement showing or as a single face. Back-side will look different than the front.

  • Warp-faced weaves

  • Weft-faced weaves

  • Warp-rep weaves

Project Management
  • Use Metric or English units of measure.
  • Set the sett, ppi, waste, and shrinkage.
  • Add notes to remind how to weave or experiences with the project.
  • Add as little or as much information as desired.

  • Set the properties of each yarn.
  • Change the color here and see it change everywhere that color was used.
  • Set the variable-width of the yarn.
Project Management - Set Warp Width and Length
  • Calculate warp width or length using the exact draft count of warps and wefts.
  • Provide loom width or length to caculate finished width or length
  • Provide desired finished dimensions to calculate the warp width and length needed.
  • Finally calculate the warp length based on the number of individual items wanted.
View or Print Project Calculations
  • Project calculations can be displayed in a screen and printed
  • The calculations can be viewed and updated as the project information is updated.

See more screen shots.

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