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Mac WeaveIt Pro
Many Design Choices

Many tools are available to help in the design process.

Check for Long Floats

Its easy to miss a long float in your fabric design. You don't want to start weaving and discover an unsuitable float in the fabric.

  • Set the suitable length for floats based on your yarn choice and use of the fabric.
  • Search front, back or both sides of draft.
  • Search warp, weft or both.
  • List shows length and location of each float.
  • Floats are marked in draft for easy viewing.
  • Tapping cell in drawdown changes tie-up or if using lift plan,the change is made in the pick.
Create Network Drafts

For network drafting, pick Use Network and then the size of the initial. Light gray background fills the spaces in the threading and treadling that are on the network.

  • When in draw mode, the curve will fall on the network creating smooth curves.
  • Alternatively, draw the line without the network on, then turn on the network and select the curved line. Pick the network tool to place all the threads on the network. Again a smooth curve is created.

Use Parallel Threading

Parallel lines or lines on opposites are used for echo weave, shadow weave, double weave, turned taquete`, rep-weave and many other structures. Parallel lines is a versatile tool for weaving design.

  • Create a pattern line. Then use parallel threading dialog to create more parallel threading lines.
  • Do warp, weft or both.
  • Up to 4 lines are available and distinct offsets are available.
  • Add a new set of shafts or treadles for the parallel lines.

Generate Threading Drafts with Block Substitution

Block Substitution is the process of turning a profile weaving draft into a threading draft.

  • Lace Weaves: Spot Bronson, Bronson Lace, and Huck Lace
  • Tied Weaves: Summer and Winter Variations, Double two-tie, Quigley, Bergman, and Half Satin
  • Overshot: 4 Shaft Overshot and 8 Shaft Overshot
  • Other Weaves: Crackle, Turned Twill, Satin or Damask, Diversified Plain Weave, Double Weave, and Shadow Weave

Interleave Drafts for Interesting Design Effects
  • Interleaving Drafts takes two drafts and "interleaves" the threading or treadling.
  • Weavers can use this technique to add special ground threads or tabby threading.
  • It can also be used to create moirĂ©1 effect by combining two similar twills.

Create Custom Color Palettes
  • Create your own color palettes with unlimited number of colors
  • Give each color a name.
  • Open, save and start new color palettes.
  • Color palettes are in standard Apple format and can be used in other Apple applications.

Keep Track of Threading

  • Keep track of your threading process
  • WeaveIt keeps constant track of your location so that if you are disrupted you don't loose your place
  • Set the group size to what works best for your design.
  • Track in both forward and reverse directions.
Keep Track of Treadling

  • Keep track of your treadling progress.
  • WeaveIt keeps constant track of your location so that if you are disrupted you don't loose your place
  • This feature is for treadle or table looms that are NOT computerized.
  • Faster, more reliable than sticky notes on paper.

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