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Videos for WeaveIt Pro for Windows

image of weaveitGetting Started with WeaveIt Pro for Windows

This video shows how to use the interactive tutorial that is built into WeaveIt Pro for Windows. It also includes some basic editing.

image of weaveitEditing in WeaveIt Pro for Windows

This video delves deeper into editing in both the main screen and the dialogs, and the advantage of both.

There are tips that even enperienced WeaveIt Pro users can learn.

image of weaveitFiles, Preferences and Printing in WeaveIt Pro for Windows

This video discusses files used and how to create images within WeaveIt Pro. It demonstrates using the Find Files browser. It explains the options and preference choices available in Weaveit Pro. It discusses all the choices for printing.

image of weaveitUsing Colors in WeaveIt Pro for Windows

This video discusses using color in WeaveIt Pro: It how to change colors in drafts. It demonstrates using the custom color editor to create palettes. It demonstrates other tools to create color sequences.

The following link is a playlist for all of these videos on YouTube.

YouTube Playlist of iWeaveit videos

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