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iWeaveIt Videos

image of iweaveitOverview of iWeaveit
  • Provides an overview of the functionality and features..
  • Demonstrated on iPad but most of the concepts are also valid on Android.
image of iweaveitiWeaveIt File Management
  • How to open, save and manipulate files in iWeaveIt
image of iweaveitiWeaveIt Tracking
  • Demonstrates iWeaveIt's ability to track treadling and threading.
image of iweaveitiWeaveIt Project Management Add-on
  • Demonstrates iWeaveIt's Project Management and Yarn Calculator Add-On.
  • Demonstrates how to calculate the correct sett.
  • Shows the color table and the heddle count.
image of iweaveitiWeaveIt - Handling Variables Threads
  • Demonstrates iWeaveIt's Handling variable threads in Project Add-0n.
  • Android version does not handle variable threads.
image of iweaveitiWeaveIt Designer Add-on Part 1
  • Demonstrates iWeaveIt's Designer Add-On part 1.
  • Demonstrates: Turning Draft,Treadle as Drawn in, and Color and Weave
image of iweaveitiWeaveIt Designer Add-on Part 2
  • Demonstrates more features of iWeaveIt's Designer Add-On part 2.
  • Demonstrates: Adding tabby and Finding Floats.

The following link is a playlist for all of these videos on YouTube.

YouTube Playlist of iWeaveit videos

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