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Additional  Windows WeaveIt Pro Features
Basic Features in Windows WeaveIt Pro
Additional Editing Features
  • Use Multiple treadles per treadle pick
  • Blend two drafts to use minimum number of shafts.
  • Interleave two drafts to create color & weave effects or shadow weave.
  • Rearrange threading shafts and treadling
  • Turn the draft
Double Weave
Double Weave in Edit Mode Double Weave In View Mode
Find Float Length
Find the maximum float length or the minimum acceptable float length.
Edit the pattern immediately to fix.
Block Substitution
  • Create a profile draft. Just use any pattern.
  • Use the wizard to select the number of shafts to limit final pattern to.
  • Wizard guides you through selecting the unit types.
  • Wizard then provides many options for setting up the the final draft.
  • Over a 130 choices but the wizard makes it easy.
  • Create custom blocks of your own design.
Fabric Analysis
  • Draw a design motif.
  • Paste or import motifs from other programs such as paint.
  • Analyse the motifs to compute the threading & treadling.
  • Compute the threading, treadling and tie-up from a design motif. Import your motifs from other drawing programs
  • Use the results with block substitution to generate a summer and winter pattern.
Network Drafting
  • Let the drafting wizard guide you through creating network drafts.
  • Choose one of the standard initials or design your own.
  • Edit the peg plan or use "treadle as drawn in".
  • Multiple options available for setting up the peg plan.
  • Generate an blank initial and do your own network design in the main edit window.
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