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Features in Both Windows WeaveIt Basic and Windows WeaveIt Pro   

Easy to use
  • Buttons provide quick access to features.
  • Status text on footer keeps you informed on the current pattern state.
  • Unlimited number of patterns can be open and viewed side-by-side.
  • Supports up to: 32 harnesses, 32 treadles.
  • In peg plan mode, treadles are unlimited.
  • No limit on number of warp & weft threads
  • Supports Balanced, Warp faced, Weft faced, and Warp-rep Weave
  • Copy draw-downs to Windows Clipboard for Guild news letters.
  • Many zoom levels
  • Display fully annotated pattern.
  • Display project calculations
  • View backside of draw-down
  • Display/edit treadling as lift (peg) plan
  • View thread interlace in the drawdown.
Main Screen
Interactive Tutorial and plenty of documentation
Main Screen
  • Interactive on-line Tutorial steps you through all the basic features.
  • The help screens tell you what to do and you do it along with the tutorial.
  • Easy to use without having to remember lots of compilcated sequences.
  • Extensive on-line help and glossary of weaving terms.
  • Printed Manual explains concepts and how to use all the features.
  • Excellent printing including print preview.
  • Print patterns with numbers and annotations for easy reading
  • Print drawdowns with or without showing threading interlacements
  • Print project calculations with notes
Editing Features
Editing in WeaveIt
  • Edit in the main window or easy to use dialogs.
  • Custom tie-ups with a click of the mouse or create tie-ups from a list of common tie-ups.
  • Easy to create and edit threading and treadling and tieup drafts.
  • Work with numbers for easy visibility
  • Use letters  to distinguish yarns.
  • Use small squares to view large drafts
  • Draw straight lines or free-form pattern lines
  • Copy threading to treadling, "Tromp as Writ" with a single click
  • Cut and paste threading, treadling and tieups between patterns.
  • Cut, paste, copy, reverse
  • Flip and Wrap in both directions
  • Unlimited Undo for all editing actions
  • Repeat selections and show pattern printouts like you see in the magazines.
  • Add your own annotations to the patterns.
  • Computer recognizes tabby & borders
  • Generate Advancing Twills
  • Quickly create custom twill tieups by filling in first column and picking "Extend"
  • View yarn interlacment
  • Toggle drawdown view between smallest fabic view and normal editing view to quickly see the effects.
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