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How to Register
If you are completing the registration as part of an order for downloading, you only need to enter you name, email, your login and password information.

DO NOT register for iWeaveIt versions.  These are updated through Apple, Google Play or Amazon.
Only registered users of version 6 or greater of WeaveIt Pro will be allowed to view the users sections. 

When you submit the form, it will be validated for all information. Then it will be sent to Sally Breckenridge at Canyon Art. She will enter you into the website user database and will respond via email to your request.

Normally this will happen within a day, however if she is traveling in her new motorhome, you may not hear for a couple of days. If she doesn't respond within a week, send email to request the login registration.

If you have difficulty with this form, then just send Sally an email with your request.  Click on the Contact CanyonArt at the top of the page. 

Enter your Registered User Information
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Enter that name:

The login and password should be different. The login is not your email address.

Enter a login of your choice:

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No spaces are allowed in the login. No special characters.)
Enter the password of your choice:

* required. Password must be case sensitive and should be greater than 6 letters include a capital letter and a number. No spaces are allowed in the password. Special characters can be used.
You will see a confirmation page if the submit was successful.

WeaveIt is a product of the Canyon Art, LLC

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