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iWeaveIt Support for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad

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Tips and FAQ for using iWeaveIt

 Getting Started

A sample pattern is built into the iPad so that you have something to initially play with.

  1. Edit the treading. Touch the threading will display a larger edit grid for the treadling.
  2. Start in Mark mode (icon). Click on squares to pick the shaft and the color.
  3. The current color shows in the color ribbon. Change the mark color by picking a different square. When you now select a shaft number you will get that color.
  4. To change just the color, click on just the color in the column of the thread.
  5. If you are at the end of the threading sequence you can add new threads. In the middle of the sequence you will just change the color.
 Having difficulty selecting in the threading and treadling edit

A swipe with your finger is used for both scrolling and for selecting thread cells. To distinguish, the select uses a long press and then the swipe. Hold your finger on the cell for about half second, then move it slightly to see the red selection rectangle. Sometimes you hold it and expect to see the selection but don’t. Remember to move your finger slightly after holding to start the selection rectangle. It may take a little practice.


 How do you insert a new thread in the middle of a threading/treadling sequence?

You may notice that there is no insert action when you are editing as there is in Windows version of WeaveIt. This was because there just isn’t room on the screen for another button on the iPhone. My work around for this is to copy a couple of threads and then paste them at the place where I want to insert. Then just change the shaft and color. Once you get used to this, you won’t miss the lack of an insert.


 Printing doesn’t work

Iphone and iPad use an Apple technology called “AirPrint”. You need a printer that supports this technology. See article from Apple, IOS: AirPrint 101. Manufacturers are coming out  with many printers that support this technology so there are many inexpensive printers.  Read the labels on the box to make sure the new wireless printer supports “AirPrint”.  You may need to download an update from the printer manufacturer.  I had to do this.


  ICloud doesn’t work

ICloud Drive requires IOS 8. ICloud must be enabled in the iPad or iPhones system settings. You must also enable data collection. If all these things are done you should see the ICloud tab in the import screen and the ICloud button in the export screen. Files stored in the iCloud are stored on a server managed by Apple. The files will be automatically sync’d with all your iCloud devices. So if you have an iPad and an iPhone you will automatically see the file on both devices. On Window PC, you can see the files but all you can to is to delete them. So if you want to exchange your files with a Windows Weaving Program, then you should use email or iTunes to transfer the file.

When using IOS 11, the iCloud Drive is displayed in the IOS Files App.  Manage your iCloud folders and files in this app.


How do I transfer files to my weaving software on Windows or on Macintosh.

I find the most convenient way of transferring files between the different computers is to use email. Its very easy. From iWeaveIt, pick export and then pick email. Send the file to yourself and then open it on your other computer. Likewise if you send a wif file to yourself and open it on the iPad, you will see an iWeaveIt icon that allows you to directly open the file in iWeaveit.


Limitations on the number of shafts and treadles

The iphone has a very small screen and the iPad screen is also fairly small compared to a laptop or a desktop screen. The biggest restriction though is our fingers. With no mouse we must use our fingers to manipulate things on the screen. It’s pretty cool to do this but our fingers are relatively large and require large squares for editing. Editing threading and treadling actually works the best in portrait mode. You have more space. This is not such an issue on the iPad. The iPhone really can’t edit more than 8 shafts and 10 treadles. The iPad can only edit up to 24 shafts and 32 treadles 

Even with these limitations some people have difficulty using their fingers for the editing. They may have long finger nails or just aren’t as steady as they used to be. If you are having difficulty you might consider getting a stylus. There are several on the market and the linked article from MacWorld reviews many of them. Drawing on the iPad: 12 touchscreen styluses reviewed

So the limitations are a factor our physical attributes (finger) and the physical screen size.

More Questions

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