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  Windows Grid 'N WeaveIt Demo

Supported Operating Systems

Grid 'N WeaveIt requires operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 to 10.   It will not run on Windows 10S.

Grid 'N WeaveIt Demo

The demo contains all features and has no time limit. Save is not allowed and printing is restricted to the sample files.  

The Grid 'N WeaveIt demo download is  about 1 megabyte.

 Click here for Grid 'N WeaveIt Demo

Click on the link to start the file download. Save the file to a new folder containing only WeaveIt downloads.  The operating system will warn you that this is from an unknown source.  It is known to you and will not harm your computer.  Always answer yes to these questions.

If your browser puts up a dialog asking if you want to open the file, then pick "yes".  Otherwise, using the Windows explorer or "My Computer", find the file in the download area. Double click on the file to run it. It will start the Grid 'N WeaveIt setup program for you.

To remove the demo from your system, run "add/remove programs" in the Windows control panel.

WeaveIt is a product of the Canyon Art, LLC

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